Professional Address Services

Mailboxes in Boca Raton

Post Professional Licenses

Your virtual office provides a place to post Real Estate and other professional licenses. It also can be the business address for your corporation, allowing you to separate your business address from your personal address.

Look Good on Online Maps

When people look up your business on the Internet, you'll benefit from the credibility that a Class A office provides.

Mail Address Services & Reception Courtesies

A Great Location

Office Edge Boca Raton locates your business in one of the best buildings in town. You'll have a prestigious business address for your mail, your stationery and your advertising. It's also an impressive place to meet your clients. Your address with us has your company's name, not ours.  If you work from home, it's a great way to protect your privacy. Our business addresses are also a convenient way to establish an office presence in another city.

A Staffed Drop-Off/Pick-Up Point

During business hours, our front desk is your reception area. We'll sign for your deliveries and help you get things to and from your clients. We'll also greet visitors warmly, receive items being dropped off and hold items for your prospects or customers to pick up. You never have to worry about missing an important delivery because we sign for you, and if you're out of town, we'll forward your items anywhere you wish.

Fax Services

Along with a business phone number, we can also provide you with a fax number. Received faxes can be placed in your mailbox, re-directed to another fax machine or even converted to an e-mail that you can download from anywhere.

Private Mailbox with 24/7 Access

You'll receive a locked, private mailbox that you can access 24/7, and if you're out of town, we can monitor and notify or forward your mail to you.

Virtual Office

Boca Raton Virtual Office Activity

Our virtual offices are more than a great place to have your meetings and pick up your mail.

"Follow Me" Communication


"Follow-Me Communications" combines technology and mobility with the time-honored principle of professionalism.

Executive Suites


Whether you're just getting started or expanding your reach, you need an office solution that expands with your business.

Business Services


Your Virtual Assistant can provide you with a variety of business services.