Executive Suites

Executive Suite in Boca Raton

Dedicated Space

When you choose Office Edge Boca Raton as your permanent office location you won't have to worry about footing high monthly bills for traditional expenses. Costs such as air-conditioning, heating, daily cleaning, 24-hour security, building maintenance, and office equipment are all included. Your monthly rent is a flat fee so you always know exactly where you stand.

QuickOffice Solutions

When our clients need an office or services on a short-term basis we have a QuickOffice Solution, this service includes:

  • Fully equipped Executive Suites for work requiring an office
  • Fully equipped Conference Rooms for meetings with two to three people
  • A beautiful reception area for your visitors
  • Multi-lingual Receptionist Services to answer your phones
  • Multi-lingual Executive Assistant support services

Executive Suites

Everything You Need to Do Business

  • Executive suites equipped so you can start work immediately.
  • Flexible executive suite leases.
  • A professional environment.
  • Executive suites, conference rooms or QuickOffice suites that can expand as your needs fluctuate.
  • Multi-lingual administrative & secretarial support when needed.
  • "Follow Me Communications" … connects you to your customers’ calls where ever you are.
  • Convenient 24/7 access.
  • Customized businesses services available for use on demand.
  • Access to Office Edge locations.


Professional & Flexible Accommodations

Suites vary in size and accommodations and can be customized to fit your requirements to make you as efficient as possible. Suites are decorated tastefully and include:

  • A prestigious mailing address
  • Attractive and functional desk with desk lamp
  • Executive chair
  • Full-feature telephone handset with hands-free speaker
  • Side chairs
  • Reliable high-speed T1 Internet connection

Your company's correspondence is received and personally delivered directly to your office. Your outgoing mail is posted daily, and correspondence is handled with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Professional Support Staff

The staff of Office Edge Boca Raton is selected for their impeccable level of service, skill and experience. Each member of our office support team is available to assist you with administrative duties and secretarial tasks on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can ask us to arrange your travel requirements, assist with filing, or manage special projects. Whatever your requirements, our team is in place to organize things for you.

Virtual Office

Boca Raton Virtual Office Activity

Our virtual offices are more than a great place to have your meetings and pick up your mail.

"Follow Me" Communication


"Follow-Me Communications" combines technology and mobility with the time-honored principle of professionalism.

Executive Suites


Whether you're just getting started or expanding your reach, you need an office solution that expands with your business.

Business Services


Your Virtual Assistant can provide you with a variety of business services.