Bookkeeping Services

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Customized For The Way You Work

Our bookkeeping services are based on a simple hourly pricing model with reasonable rates. And since our focus is on providing helpful administrative support, we can assist with important tasks related to your bookkeeping, such as tracking billing details, collating information for invoices, or organizing your files so that backup information is easy to find when you need it.

Services are customized to the way you work. Some clients utilize us for data entry and reconciliations. Others ask us to play a more proactive role, creating and sending invoices or opening correspondence, entering bills, and preparing payments for their approval.

Bookkeeping Services

How would it feel to always have your books up-to-date…
…altering you to past-due invoices that only require a phone call or email for payment?
…providing answers to billing questions quickly, without having to search your records?
…making tax time become just another day on your calendar?

Office Edge Boca Raton provides customized bookkeeping solutions, performed from our office using Quickbooks. We help you keep your books in order and up-to-date, providing you information when you need it and allowing your CPA to focus on strategies for minimizing your taxes (rather than boxes of receipts and bank statements).

A Full-Time Bookkeeper for a Part-Time Budget

A major benefit of our approach is that it fits your part-time budget, yet our staff are available anytime during business hours to answer questions or take care of important tasks for you. Need to send out an invoice urgently? Need a question answered promptly? Need sometime to take care of something for that upcoming deadline? We're available.

A Better Bookkeeping Approach

We understand the many reasons why business owners often have a hard time keeping their books up-to-date. If you do them yourself, accounting is the last thing you want to do after a busy workday – and is it the best use of your time anyway? If you have someone else help you, it can be hard to maintain, let alone find, a capable, responsible, and trustworthy part-time bookkeeper. Or you could ask your accountant to keep your books, but the hourly rate can be cost prohibitive.

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Our virtual offices are more than a great place to have your meetings and pick up your mail.

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"Follow-Me Communications" combines technology and mobility with the time-honored principle of professionalism.

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Whether you're just getting started or expanding your reach, you need an office solution that expands with your business.

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Your Virtual Assistant can provide you with a variety of business services.